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22 Year old guy arrested for Hacking the Website of Indonesian President

Wildan Yani Ashari, 22, a highschool graduate and working as an internet cafe operator is suspected of hacking the Indonesia’s president website on January 11. The hacker who leaves digital evidences ...

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TM Offers Promo Extension for only 5 Pesos

A great offer from Touch Mobile, you can extend your Promo Subscription for just 5 pesos. Their new, TM extend, is applicable to AstigTxt10, AstigCombo10, Combo10, Combo15, AstigTxt15, AstigTxt20 and AstigTxt30. ...

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Google, Youtube, Gmail Turkmenistan Websites hacked by Iranian Hackers

High profile websites from Turkmenistan suffers DNS Poisoning attack. Exploiters successfully defaced the sites. All hacked domains are registered by NIC at Turkmenistan. The hacker is said to discover a flaw on ...

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Continued OpPhilippines by xL3gi0n Hackers Leaks DEPED and DOE

As a protest to Cyber Crime Law passed last year, opPhilippine is started by internet hacktivists. “Freedom of speech!” shouted by the citizens contradicting the law. XTnR3v0LT headed the leaks, targeting ...

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3 Men Charged for Creating and Spreading Gozi Malware

The three, Nikita Kuzmin -25, Deniss Calovskis-27, and Mihai Ionut Paunescu -27 from Russia, Latvia, and Romania respectively. They were the suspects of the development and distribution of the malware that steals bank ...

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10 websites from Bangladesh Defaced by Mauritania Hacker Team

Ten websites defaced by hacktivist – Mauritinia Hacker Team. Websites are from varied governmental and organizations from country Bangladesh. Hacktivists threatened hackers from the country, Bangladeshi Grey Hat group by ...

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