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Profiles of modern hackers: Hacktivist, Cyber Criminals and State-Sponsored Attackers

This is the infographic released by Watchguard, “the three most dangerous types of hackers” – its motives and methods. The infographic is entitled, “The Three Bad Guys Behind the Latest Cyber-Security Attacks.” ...

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340 Websites of China defaced in OP payback2China

 Atom of Pinoy Vendetta claimed to has hacked into a total of 342 websites from the People’s Republic of China. The defacements are accordingly part of operation payback2China. Basically, it ...

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Drupal.org is hacked, user details exposed and passwords are resetted

This means no computer system is really secure. Another big site is hacked just hours ago. I received an email 8 hours ago but its just this time that I ...

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2 US gov websites and of Mozilla is vulnerable to XSS injection

 Megafab has discovered Cross-site scripting vulnerability in 2 government websites of United States and in the official website of Mozilla corporation. Cross-site scripting is a security hazard that allows crackers to ...

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Calbayog City Water District website defaced by Dr3inuS, again

The official website of Calbayog City Water District or CCWD is again defaced by a Filipino hacker Dr3inuS. Dr3inuS is part of the Pinoy hacking crew, “Pinoy Vendetta.” The one who made ...

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MIT and other State.gov websites vulnerable to SQL injection

A hacker with an online handle of “hack_addict” had exclusively informed me through e-mail. According to him, there is an SQL injection flaw in the website of Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...

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