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Syrian Electronic Army warns Twitter, gained back account

The Syrian Electronic Army is getting real notorious as the hacking crew continues to hijack accounts of high level media. Just yesterday, we reported that one of Reuters account is hacked ...

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Students sent false GPS signals, hacked $80 million yacht – Video

A video produced(above) by students with their professor,Todd Humphreys, from Texas shows  how to spoof a GPS. Basically, the students created a device that sent false GPS signals to the million ...

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Twitter account @ThomsonReuters hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army is targeting high level media organizations this past few months like Telegraph, BBC and et cetera. Earlier today, the twitter account @thomsonreuters has been hijacked by Syrian ...

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Pinoy Vendetta defaces ARMM website, posts suspect’s computer sketch in CDO blast

Last day, the website of Kimketkai centre mall was defaced by Anonymous in connection to the blast happened last few days that killed 8 people and injured more than 30 ...

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Defacement in Directorate for Police Community Relation website

Manila Pride (m4n1l4 pr1d3) has accessed one of Philippine’s National Police subdomain (dpcr.pnp.gov.ph)or the Directorate for Police Community Relation site, then deface it. The defacer managed to add a “php ...

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Spy agencies reportedly ban PC maker Lenovo on security issues

The top personal computer maker today, Lenovo, has been initially banned by spy agencies from US, UK and Australia because of security issues found on test. “After intensive laboratory testing ...

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