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NBI take over Anon Butuan Facebook Page

The page’s profile and cover photo are replaced to one with the NBI logo. It appears the Anonymous affiliated page “Anonymous Butuan” is now controlled by the National Bureau of ...

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Microsoft twitter account falls into Syrian Electronic Army

So, it seems the Twitter account of Xbox by Microsoft with over 2 million followers has been hijacked by the notorious hacker group from Syria – Syrian Electronic Army. A ...

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2 Serbian Goverment Websites Defaced By PentaSeC

Hackers going with the handle “PentaSeC” hacked and defaced two of the Government websites of Serbia. The hacked websites were left defaced and is showing the deface page from more than last ...

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Boy’s responsible disclosure turned wrong

Britain recruits new computer experts to counter cyber-attacks

Here is another case that those who are into “responsible disclosure” must not mess on confidential data from a system without the owner’s consent. A Schoolboy, 16 years old Joshua ...

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Skype blog and Twitter account hacked by SEA

The Skype Blog now redirects to Skype site homepage while the Twitter account appears to be still in the hands of the hackers. Twitter user Ashar Javed posted on the ...

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