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Filipino hacker breaks into the ABS-CBN website

A hacker with a handle “Khalifax” hacks into one of the ABS-CBN.com subdomain ‘starcinemamovies.abs-cbn.com’. Khalifax did not state the reason of hacking, but left a page on the site that ...

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Special defacement for a special day

Today marks the 1st anniversary of this(pinoyhacknews.com) secu-blog. An alleged “PRO HAXXOR” who identifies himself as “Jhon Paulito Manaloto” A.K.A “p0g1n6 |-|4xx0r 1337”, referred to as JPmanaloto,  have gained access ...

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Security bug in Yahoo allows anyone to delete millions of records from the database.

Ibrahim Raafat found a vulnerability on suggestions.yahoo.com. He stated that anyone can delete millions of records stored in the database with Direct Object Reference Vulnerability. Ibrahim said that he found the bug by adding ...

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