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22 Year old guy arrested for Hacking the Website of Indonesian President

Wildan Yani Ashari, 22, a highschool graduate and working as an internet cafe operator is suspected of hacking the Indonesia’s president website on January 11. The hacker who leaves digital evidences has been arrested and is said to be put on jail for 12 years and will be fined $1.2 million.

Wildan is a graduate of a vocational school specializing computer science and later learns hacking by himself. According to police records in cyber unit, the guy is also involve of hacking into other Government department like the Police.

Hacker violated a local two laws, Telecommunications Law and the Electronic Information and Transactions Law.

Shortly after the hackers arrest, there were mass of his supporters publishing in twitter hashtag #OpFreeWildan. Other Indonesians even commented and argued that the Government should instead be thanking Wildan for pointing out the website’s security.

Here is a tweet of user with handle @An0nPun1shm3nt, which was retweeted 160 times, “Government of Indonesia, you cannot arrest an idea NO ARMY CAN STOP US #Anonymous #OpFreeWildan #FreeAnon.”

In addition to the protest, at least 7 websites from the Government of Indonesia were hacked, Justice and Human Rights Ministry, the Social Affairs Ministry, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) and the Indonesian Embassy in Taskhent.

All websites are running well now.

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