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Pinoy Vendetta

340 Websites of China defaced in OP payback2China

 Atom of Pinoy Vendetta claimed to has hacked into a total of 342 websites from the People’s Republic of China.

The defacements are accordingly part of operation payback2China. Basically, it is an operation against China in its alleged bad “maltrato” to animals.

The message of Atom reads:

“Stop Torturing Animals. They have family like people. China can’t you see it’s not a normal world you guys live in? Can’t you guys see that millions of people become mad and sad for watching this? You guys think it’s normal to kill animals like that, well be ready, we will torture your servers
we will leak as much as possible to destroy your plans, customers, we will fuck as much as possible as you ” fucked ” those animals in such a cruel way. We will target governments, restaurants, business places and work places like banks and so on. China be prepared, We will put your cyber space in ruins, mark our words now.”

opPayback to China


Check all of the websites here. Most of the affected websites are commercial ones.

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