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665,000 Website Defacements Submitted to Zone-H.org this year

Zone-H.org is a website wherein you can submit defaced websites, an archive of defacements.

Quoted from WikipediaOnce a defaced website is submitted to Zone-H, it is mirrored on the Zone-H servers, it is then moderated by the Zone-H staff to check if the defacement was fake.

I just want to share this interesting fact about Zone-H posted in Softpedia.

Alberto Redi, the CEO of Security Lab (Zone-H.org) said that there are already 665,367 defacements submitted in this year alone. Take a look the number of defacements being submitted each year.

2001 – 21.097
2002 – 77.766
2003 – 285.951
2004 – 392.459
2005 – 493.720
2006 – 752.039
2007 – 480.622
2008 – 517.406
2009 – 544.097
2010 – 1.419,388
2011 – 1.608,929
2012 – 1.192,326
2013 – 665.367

Total number so far: 8.456.434

Redi also commented on new arising websites like Zone-H.

“Every now and then some new web site of this kind pops-up. Most of the time they disappear after a while. To run a web site like this requires time and money, to be good willing is not enough. And zone-h is there since more than 10 years, with a constant grow trend”

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