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Ahashare.com, a torrent site suffers data dump

A hacker with online name “nairb (SQLinairb)” claims that he has hacked into the website ahashare.com dumping its accordingly “smaller incomplete dump with just relative infos.”

Ahashare.com is a torrent site offering “free movies torrent downloads” based in India.

We have downloaded the file and here’s what inside it:

The zip file named “ahashare.zip,” has 1 folder and 5 files in it when extracted. The files are consisted of 4 text files named, dbs.txt, nmap_results.txt, samp.txt, tables.txt and 1 .csv file named results-09272013_0834pm. Contents of the files are as relevant to its names.

dump ahashare.com

The folder on the other hand has the “users” database of ahashare, some files appearing to be from software wordpress and another user data on a subfolder –mysql all in .csv.

The users database has thousands of lines of user details including information like usernames, encrypted passwords, and email addresses.

main users of ahashare

The dump file size is 105MB in total when not extracted and is only 30.4MB when compressed.

For now, we could not say of  nairb’s intention of leaking. But an hour before it, the hacker already did tipped TorrentFreak, he is going to drop something BIG about a torrent site.

Link of Dump is available here.

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