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Almost 2 Million passwords from hacked Adobe users are “123456”

We can recall that the American multinational computer software company, Adobe Systems Inc had been hacked. First week last month, 2.9 million customer information was reportedly stolen from the company but in further investigation, there were at most 130 million of it.

Security researchers from Stricture group has released a file of what accordingly, top 100 passwords from the Adobe hack.

May not be surprising to be in top 1, user password “123456” has hit 1911938 counts. It was followed by “123456789” with 446162 counts. Other top deciphered passwords were, password, adobe123, 12345678, qwerty, 1234567, 111111, photoshop and 123123.

The researchers however said they can not verify their claim right now but they are pretty confident of the list’s accuracy.

If you are ever curious on how they managed to decrypt the passwords, the researchers explained, Adobe has used symmetric key encryption in ECB mode. That type gives clue of what the passcode might be.

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