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Anon Leyte hacks the FB account of former Congresswoman and now Mayor of Baybay City

It appears that the Facebook account of the former Congresswoman, now Mayor of Baybay Leyte, Carmen Loreto-Cari is hijacked by Anonymous Leyte.

The hackers using the compromised account posted a status pointing the rising conflicts between both the current administration and the opposition.

“Greetings to the leaders of the city. It has come to our information that the pressure between both administration and the opposition is getting high,” the message reads.

“Police arresting civilians without warrant of arrest and threatening the lives of the people to get information is completly against the law which your city police enjoyed to do. Its been more than a decade since “YOU” Mayor Carmen Cari is in the government position and accused by the people as a corrupt official,” the hacker added.

The hacker however emphasizes that they are not in support in any of the clashing side. And What they just humbly wanted is, no power of the Government be used for personal interest.

“We are not against you nor pro to the opposition supporters, what we all humbly request is to please do not use the power that the Government of the Philippines has entrusted to you.”

We can not confirm if the hacked account is of truly the Mayor’s account, but the previous posts  indicates the legitimacy  of the account, either used by Cari herself or by her staff.

At this point, the message is still posted in the Mayor’s wall, and can be publicly seen.

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