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Anonymous Philippines defaces government websites for Million Mask March 2014

This week, different Philippine Government websites was defaced and attacked by Anonymous Philippines to participate to the Worldwide Million Mask March event today (November 5) which also happened last year.

MMM Screenshot

On November 3, they defaced different Government websites to protest against government corruption. They posted the message:

To the public, our friends, our brothers and sisters within the global community; get your masks out. Any mask will do.
Any political affiliation will do, because in the end isn’t it just us peasants against the monarchs?
We, together must act in solidarity. No longer can we maintain the “Me,” or “My political party,” mentality
when we are all affected by governments that do not listen to their people’s wishes.

Together we must stand tall and remind this world what it has forgotten; that fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words.
The people of the world have become their own worst enemy, because we have become way to accommodating in accepting the treachery
constantly handed out by our governments. Throw your political ideologies to the side on November 5th and stand tall
with a fellow human against worldwide government corruption and tyranny.
Protest rallies are planned worldwide, in nearly every city so please give a little of your time to the greater good.

The silent majority is a minority if their voices are not heard. Humanity needs you. Your governments have failed you,
they sit atop their thrones and abuse their power.

They are deaf to the will of the people. The system is broken. If this moment passes idly by without a whimper
than together we will all be at fault for securing that future generations will never have a voice.

We will wear masks to show our solidarity, that we are all one in the belief that all of our governments have
failed humanity completely. You, our dear friends are cordially invited to make the change we all really need.
Whatever your complaint is against your ruling power, stand tall and make it known on the fifth of November.

We are ALL Anonymous,
We are legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Below is the partial list of defaced websites:














They also took down a bunch of Government websites today (November 5).

president.gov.ph down


down gov sites

Aside from that, they also organized a road protest through Batasang Pambansa.

Batasang PambansaBatasang PambansaBatasang PambansaBatasang Pambansa

Photos from Million Mask March Facebook page. Photos belong to their respective owner.

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