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Anonymous hacked database with 1.5 million records

#pR.is0n3r of Anonymous Philippines has posted on Tuesday a screen grab of what seemed to be a massive database.

The hacker claimed to successfully compromise a “popular” database. Based on the photo, it has a total of 1,642270  lines of encrypted data.

On analysis, the encryption used is base64, and it appears to be user credentials with format – username:password.

The hacker on his post did not reveal the website where the large data was pulled, but for sure it is significant based on the fact that he mentioned, it may be used as lead to the current national issue -pork barrel scandal.

#pR.is0n3r is the same hacker that leaked the mobile numbers of president Aquino, Janet Lim Napoles, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Bong Revilla.

We will modify this post as soon as we receive new updates.

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