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Anonymous hackers conduct opGabon targeting presidential website

The anonymous hacker collective has disrupted the official website of Gabon’s president in connection of the effort in ending ritual killings in the country(operation Gabon.)

Hackers have launched Distributed Denial of Service to the website, resulting  for it to be inaccessible in its visitors.

presidentalibongo.com is the latest target of the hackers along with other significant websites: gabon-vert.com, gabon-services.com and gabon-industriel.com, Eduard Kovacs reported.

“We can no longer accept Ali Bongo’s dictatorship and abuse on Gabon’s people and its resources. Just like we took actions towards the ritual killings, Anonymous is standing up with the people of Gabon once again, but this time against the corrupt regime of Ali Bongo and family,” the hackers in a statement.

“This is a special message to Ali Bongo and his entire regime, Anonymous is aware of your wrong doings, corruption and profligacy. We will raise awareness of your ill-mannered behavior in every parts of the world, and help bring justice to the Gabonese people,” they have added.

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