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Anonymous leaks user data from LGPMS website

The leakage is accordingly part of Operation Dynasty down by the anonymous movement.

Anonymous Leyte, who lead the operation posted in their Facebook page a link to user data from the Local Governance Performance Management System(blgs.gov.ph/lgpmsv2/cmshome).

The leak include usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. Hackers also noted that those encrypted passwords can be decrypted using a md5 hash decrypter web service(md5decrypter.co.uk), URL of user login page is also disclosed.

More from the hackers FB page, they have stated the missions of “Operation Dynasty Down.”

  • Operation DynastyDown aims to bring down the Political Dynasties not just here in Leyte but in the whole Philippines.
  • Operation DynastyDown wants you to know all of the things that Political Dynasty brings.
  • Operation DynastyDown gives information that was hidden by the government free to the public
  • Operation DynastyDown calls all of you to fight for your right to be a leader of this society and not just mere followers of same clans since decades.

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