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Anonymous Philippines as Filipino’s voice against corruption – Video

Prisoner of the hacker collective “Anonymous Philippines” published a video statement that they are willing to assist on any information, concerns, complaints, abuses or wrong-doings against the corrupt government of the Philippines.

As Anonymous Philippines have stated in the video, they claimed they were receiving a bunch of messages regarding complaints and anomalous activities.

“We have been receiving many messages — from simple greetings, messages on links about news articles, complaints on anomalous activities including those in the government agencies, to grievances of our OFWs”

“This is now the chance for your voice to be heard, for the voice of every Filipino who is angry at corruption, irregularities and abuses to be understood. To those who wish to conceal the truth, kill freedom and perpetrate injustice and oppression, let this be a warning to you. We are watching”

The online activist drive Filipinos to submit complaints in their Facebook page.

“We will do everything we can do to verify these matters. Hence, we ask that you submit your complaints to the Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines Facebook page.” 

The last time we saw them on operation is the defacement of the Official website of Philippine Embassy in Bahrain, shouting justice of an OFW who alledgely commit suicide.

Click here for more of their previous activities.

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