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Anoymous Philippines targets PNP, 2 websites defaced.

Anonymous Philippines with PrivateX strikes again about 40 minutes ago. Hours before the incident there were hints already that an operation will take place this morning. A little white hat because most of the time, the hackers strike on early morning. That lessens the casualty to the website visitors.

The defaced websites are of Philippine National Police sub-domain, procor.pnp.gov.ph (Police Regional Office of Cordillera) and official website of Pro-Guard Services Corporation.

PNP defaced 2

In the deface page, hacker’s reason is printed, pointing out the Philippine National Police officers as being corrupt. They even indicated a short story:

Drayber: Mamang Pulis. Ano po ang aking violation?
Pulis: Madami. Mas makakamura ka kung sakin mo na ibabayad at di na kita susulatan ng ticket.
Drayber: Ano nga po ang violation ko?
Pulis: Susulatan ko na ba to?
Drayber: ok na po ba ang 500?
Pulis: Isang Libo…

A common situation as they stated, “police officer would swindle money from travelers with(out) violations.” Hackers strongly condemned “Forces” of the Philippines that is doing opposite actions instead of protecting the “rights and laws” of the Filipinos.

The hackers also talk about “PNP activating anti-cyebrcrime group.”

Is that enough to prove that the knowledge and skills needed to be honed in a persona just to TRACE
a single non-pro hacker, Could not be seen in any of those Police Officers in training. What the hell would they do if we apply our techniques in covering
our tracks, would they just scratch their head and.. TELL THE PUBLIC THAT THEY HAVE A LEAD, EVEN IF THEY DONT? Would they lie to the FILIPINO PEOPLE on whatever
circumstances they are under? Under these circumstances; the UNKNOWLEDGEABLE(Police Forces) are fooling those who are willing to acquire new KNOWLEDGE(Citizens)…
THOSE OFFICERS ARE LYING, rest assured. A group of the 1% is no match against the other 99%. What do you people expect from them?
FALSE NEWS AND ACCUSATIONS, that’s what you will get.

Hackers added, they are much advance compared to the cyber crime unit. “We are learning advanced techniques in Penetration while they learn Microsoft Office.”

Author: When browsing in the defaced websites, it is like you are in a VPN. As seen, there is a logo of the famous “hotspot shield” and an advertisement in the top part of the deface page.

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