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Are Anonymous Guidelines fading?

Then and Now.
This is to no offense what so ever to hackers, pen-tester, or anonymous collective self-members anywhere. I would just like to point out a fact that all of us must see.

Years ago, anonymous was just a word, with just its simple meaning. Anonymous started as trolls over the internet, lurking around the dark corners of the internet and playing around with images, cats, and with their own little world. But, somewhere along the way, things got serious and anonymous itself got serious. The name itself is derived from the 4chan username: anonymous which all 4chan users hold. 

After those gallant fights with the scientologists, anonymous have strengthen its bound and its cause. Thus stabilizing the collective’s guidelines.  Take time to watch this video

The video dictates the requirement, and the guidelines on becoming anonymous.

But now, somewhere along the lines, it has changed. No offense, to posers, or to great hackers which uses their real names – but the ideal anonymous – is someone unknown and left his/her own identity behind. Thus creating a new account on social media sites, and using  IRC channels to safely connect with each other.Also, on the verge of 2013, a silent issue has roamed arround the anonymous world here in the philippines, people have claimed this/that and etc. Also, Operations have been either useless or a nuisance, and sometimes are not operations at all.

The netizen’s underworld now.

Much media attention has been given to anonymous philippines last october 2012 due to the infamous anti-cybercrime law. This attention attracted different computer enthusiasts to walk on their behalf and help fight the battle against the said bill. Thus, creating a wide variety of hackers and spectators. Also, due to the “vigilante” image of anonymous, kids – preteens may have seen it as a superhero, someone they can look up too and mimic. Due to the explotion of hackers that are being populating the cyberspace, alot are creating their own fake anonymous accounts with their own corresponding “l33t” speak and codenames, varieting from numbers, to goth themes and etc, alot are creating accounts, with nothing to actually offer but to “support” hackers everywhere.

But some of this “skids” have may gone too far, due to alot of bundles given by various hacking groups, which includes RAT’s, phishing codes, DDOS tools, SQL injection tools and etc. they have created their own escapade and pushed through “hacking for fun” – literally hacking for fun. This events done by the so-called skids, have made other hackers helpless on being rediculed by the masses due to the destruction this skids have done.

Also, when an OP, or Operation is taking place, the anonymous collective usually find exploits to the site, and look further deep into the website’s architecture to find their way in. But due to the skids who DDOS their way into the OP, the hackers who are trying to hack the site cant access the target due to 404, 500, or null route errors.

What does the future hold?

At the start of 2013, Anonymous have posted a video of the probable future of Anonymous due to this events. Anonymous may decline by 2013. It gained too much attention that it, itself will destroy it. Shall there be someone help fix the collective? Shall order be restored? Shall every “new” member follow the guidelines? Or will they just fill like “badasses” and continue to wreak havoc and destroy the name that Anonymous tried to hold on too.

Kids have been joining the reform and are being private soldiers, not even following the guidelines, or just even creating private anonymous accounts to use. I hope that we could trackback and fix things up and remove the plague of fake anonymous, or if they’re real, help them know how to do the right way. Anonymous is being able to fight the government without rules, without anything that holds us back. Anonymous is legion.

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