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At least 5 bank websites defaced in “hack the bank” – Philippines

The defacement could affect the profits of those business institutions and may cause special damages because of website’s inability to operate.

“Hack the bank” is Hitman’s operation against banking establishments to secure their websites. For now, the operation is against local banks.

Hitman is the noted grey hat web defacer, pinoy vendetta co-founder,  who intruded into a lot of corporate, government and School websites. The latest victim of his web attack is the globe telecommunication.

Listed websites below are the affected websites.

  1. www.megalink.com.ph/index1.html
  2. www.planbank.org
  3. www.bancofilipino.com.ph/index2.html
  4. www.ccitdatabank.com
  5. www.rbtbank.com/index1.html

In the press time, most of the websites still display the messages left by the hacker.

Should the police officers assigned in this kind of attacks be worried in the increasing numbers of hackitivism in the country? Have your say below.

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