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ATM Card Skimming & PIN Capturing

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Reymond Castro Facebook Post:

I have to update my post because apparently I am ruining  someone’s reputation. I mean, seriously, you are beyond laughable. To all my friends, this serves as my public service. I tried to withdraw in one of the ATMs in a commercial center along Daang Hari. Part of my habit when withdrawing to ensure that the keypads and ATM card slots are “permanent” parts of the machine. This time, I forgot to do my routine check up. After inserting my card, I noticed that my card took time to get inside the machine. It gave me an iffy feeling so I checked the slot and it felt like I can remove it. With a bit more wiggling, I was able to take it off. Ladies and gents, what I hold in my hand is called ATM skimming device. This has a small memory chip that records the magnetic swipe of your card. After detaching this from the machine, I kept it to ensure no one can use the information stored in this device. I also noticed 2 suspicious character followed me in withdrawing money in the same ATM. Didnt took photos of them to give them benefit of the doubt.

Due to my vigilance, I was able to secure my hard earned money. Hope this post helps in keeping my friends informed.


Source: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/video/289830/24oras/skimming-device-sa-atm-nadiskubre-ng-lalaking-magwi-withdraw-sana-ng-pera

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