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Apple messaging bug will crash your iOS device

iPhone and iOS users may find themselves in a bit of a bind over a nonsensical text message. Apple has confirmed that a bug involving the native iMessage or Messages, ...

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Plane flight controls may be hacked mid-flight

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,please stay in your seats. It’s not turbulence. We’ve been hacked. Chris Roberts, a security researcher, has allegedly admitted to the FBI that ...

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Security questions don’t necessarily live up to their name

What’s your password? This may yet be the most mind-boggling and direct security question if it ever became one. In a recent study published by Google, it has shown that ...

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U. Cambridge: Factory reset on Android doesn’t delete all data

Just upgraded to a new phone? You might want to hold on to your old device for a bit longer, especially if it’s on Android.   Researchers at the University ...

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