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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

California Employment Training Panel official website defaced!

A Filipino hacker comes in the scene, defacing a State of California sub-domain – California Employment Training Panel(etp.ca.gov.) Introducing himself as “Shadow Haxor,” he defaced the home page of the website ...

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Microsoft rewarded $100,000 to an Australian white hat hacker

A hacker from Australia, James Forshaw, reported a serious flaw in Microsoft’s windows. It was accordingly eligible to the company’s bug bounty program “Mitigation Bypass.” Because his entry of the ...

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xPsych0path claims outage of service in a site with alleged ‘child porn’

It is not just the federal agents who are tracking down these websites that offers/having services like ‘child porn’ or ‘pedophile.’ A few hours ago, a hacker who goes by ...

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Avira, AVG, Whatsapp official websites defaced today.

Two popular anti virus firm in the world and a mobile message app were hit by a major cyber attack, homepages of its official websites were defaced. Avira, AVG and ...

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Anonymous Philippines defaces gov site: “Soon, November 5 2013”

It appears,the anonymous hacking collective in Philippines are preparing something big as they are giving ‘somewhat’ a warning to the (assumed) government of Philippines. The official government website of Tabuk, a ...

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Researchers take $28k ‘first blood’ on Microsoft’s bug bounty program

More than 28,000 USD actually is being paid by Microsoft to security researchers who participated in its first ever bug bounty program. It was the Internet Explorer 11 bug bounty ...

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