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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

Lockscreen of iPhone’s iOS 7 can also be bypassed.

A vulnerability has been found in the lock screen of iPhone’s iOS 7, allowing anyone with direct access of the smartphone to have unauthorized use. The security flaw demonstrated by ...

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Heard of iPhone 5s touch ID fingerprinting? It now has bug bounty.

There is already a bounty offered(over $16,000) to the first person who can hack iPhone 5s touch ID fingerprint sensor. Security experts created a website dedicated for the bounty program, IsTouchIDhackedyet.com, ...

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LulzSecurityCA & LulzSecRoot claim leak of United Stated Department of Defense confidential info

The boat of Lulzsec sailed again as two of its affiliated group, LulzSecurityCA & LulzSecRoot claim leak of United Stated Department of Defense confidential info. In a tweet by ‘The Lulz ...

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14 individuals, Chinese and Taiwanese nationals detained in cybercrime involvement

The Philippine National Bureau of Immigration has released on Wednesday a statement that 9 Taiwanese and 5 Chinese nationals has been detained because of suspected involvement in cybercrimes. Those individuals were ...

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More than 200 websites of Chinese government and Schools defaced.

The cyber attack against the government of China and some Educational websites from the country is in part of operation “FuckChina.” There are over 200 websites affected in the attack ...

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Hackers claim leakage of Higher Education Commission Pakistan database

A hacking group calling itself as “Ashiyane Digital Security Team” claims to have compromised the website of Higher Education Commission which later allows to leak the database from the website. ...

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