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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

USJR website targeted by local hacker

A local web hacker bringing the online name gr3yh0undz ( read greyhoundz) claimed defacement of a USJR sub-domain for computer engineering – cpe.engineering.usjr.edu.ph. The website was defaced last November 21 ...

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How to troll the FBI by Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick, one of the most popular ethical hacker in the world has gone interview with Big Think. He was the most wanted cyber criminals in the United States during ...

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Presidential website of Peru defaced by Anonymous

The official website of Peru (presidencia.gob.pe) was targeted by hackers with ties to the hacker collective anonymous, according to a report by Softpedia. Based on the message left by the ...

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Hitman exposed database connection of BayanBusiness website

Making use of what the Pinoy Vendetta co-founder claimed as bug on Google docs (bypass), he exposed to the public the database connection of Bayan Business website(www.bayanbusiness.com.ph.) In a link ...

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Pinoy hackers attacked Italian websites, Paolo Bonolis

Local hackers from Strawhat Pirates are condemning the actions of Paolo Bonolis, an Italian television host during his show, where he allegedly disrespected the Philippine National Anthem. Strawhat Pirates has ...

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Discussion: NBI nabbed Anonymous hacker

Few days ago, a guy named Rodel Plasabas was arrested by NBI Cyber Crime Division agents in Butuan City. Plasabas was suspected by the NBI to be the ‘leader’ of ...

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