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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

Official website of Pakistan International Airport defaced.

A hacker claiming to be part of P4K M4D HUNT3RS hacker crew with moniker Ch3rn0by1 has defaced one of the sub domain of the official website of Pakistan International Airport. The website, ...

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Black hat hackers in Bangladesh declares cyber war against Indian government

Members of Bangladeshi black hat hackers had declared cyber war on Indian Border security forces. The declaration follows after a killing incident of a girl, Felani, in the border of ...

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Root Con 7 Annual premier Hacker conference – quick write up.

The annual premier hacker conference in Philippines, Root Con, went successful the 7th time. It was held in Parklane International Hotel, Cebu City last September 13 and 14. Technology Professionals ...

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Young ‘super hacker’ arrested in Argentina

A Buenos Aires young man,19,  has been a subject by Argentinian authorities. The unnamed man was then arrested on charges of hacking gambling and international money transfer sites. Authorities said ...

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#pR.is0n3r is back, shows his posted number of Estrada is legitimate, taunts Tejadas

While in the midst of protest in the “pork barrel” scandal last month, an anonymous supporter, hacktivist calling himself as #pR.is0n3r claimed to had leaked the personal mobile numbers of 2 ...

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Official websites of Avira Slovenia and United Nation Armenia defaced by a Syrian Hacker.

No, it is not the Syrian Electronic Army who penetrated and defaced successfully on the Official websites of Avira Slovenia and United Nation Armenia . Another Syrian hacker with name Dr.Sha6h ...

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