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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

Black hat hacker claims owner of 3-million botnet and can earn $20k per hour

A self-claimed black hat hacker who participated Reddit AMA said he can earn between $15,000 to $20,000 per hour. In Reddit AMA or ask me anything, the hacker reveals using ...

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At least 5 bank websites defaced in “hack the bank” – Philippines

The defacement could affect the profits of those business institutions and may cause special damages because of website’s inability to operate. “Hack the bank” is Hitman’s operation against banking establishments ...

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4 Philippine government websites defaced by Bangladeshi hackers

Grey Hat Hackers from Bangladish defaced 4 websites from our government. Defaced websites are of: Municipality of Pikit, Cotabato(pikit.gov.ph), Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino(www.kwf.gov.ph), Optical Media Board(omb.gov.ph), 2 subdomains of National ...

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Aliw broadcasting corporation, DWIZ AM, along with its FM websites hacked by khalifax

There are 11 websites including the aliw corporation home page has been hacked  by khalifax. 9 FM websites and considered one of the top stations of the AM band in ...

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Hitman hacks into Globe blog, encourages netizens to post complains

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Anonymous exposes the mobile number and street address of Janet Napoles

 A pinoy hacker, web defacer, doxer, and supporter of the anonymous collective who also exposed the mobile numbers of our president Pnoy Aquino, publishes online the mobile number and street ...

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