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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

Jamaica hires ethical hackers for network pentestesting

From the Caribbeans, the Jamaican government hired individuals who are professionals in ethical penetration testing. Basically, for them to perform penetration testing on its government’s computer systems. Julian Robinson, the minister of ...

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PUP Taguig Branch website appears to have a security flaw

We have seen Pinoy Vendetta last months retaliating against the Taiwan’s keyboard warriors. And recently, they got access in the official website of TV5, in which their defacements lasted for ...

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Google increased rewards in its bug bounty program

Google has been paying a lot of individuals for any security vulnerability found in its products for years. Because of its success, Google increased rewards for security researchers. In its ...

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Hetznet web hosting hacked, emailed users to change password

The hosting company “Hetznet” has fallen to a cyber attack caused by an unknown malware in its internal systems. Hackers have managed to to gather customer data. The intruders also ...

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665,000 Website Defacements Submitted to Zone-H.org this year

Zone-H.org is a website wherein you can submit defaced websites, an archive of defacements. Quoted from Wikipedia, Once a defaced website is submitted to Zone-H, it is mirrored on the Zone-H ...

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TV5 Official website gets security notification by Pinoy Vendetta

Update: the website is still not fixed, that is about 14 hours ago 🙂 The online portal of TV5 is not exempted of the latest action by the Filipino hacking ...

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