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Hi there! I am Clifford Trigo from the island of Bohol, come over here and lets have fun! :3 Just keep reading :D

Anonymous Philippines calls citizens to join “Million Mask March” – Nov. 5 2013 (Updated)

To spread the “call” to the Filipino citizens, the hacker collective “anonymous Philippines” has defaced  3 government websites. A youtube video is embedded on those websites entitled “Million Mask March ...

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Team madleets defaces the website of Mazda Malaysia (Google, Updated)

The hackers from Pakistan calling themselves as “Team Madleets,” managed to deface the official website of Mazda Malaysia(mazda.my). Known as 1337 of Team madleets led the defacement, possibly, this is ...

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Philippine website defaced by Chinese hackers, may spark cyberwar?

A website (barangaybelair.ph) of a Barangay in Makati City, Metro Manila appears to be defaced by hackers with Chinese origin – Sky Eye Team. This defacement can be linked to ...

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Over 20k emails from Israel government leak by anonghost

Hackers calling themselves as “Anongh0st,” who has ties with the “anonymous” hacking collective claim that it has managed to pull 20,343 emails from the government of Israel. Anoghost provided a link ...

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Google rewards $5,000 for a stored XSS in Gmail for iOS – (Updated)

Google Inc. is rewarding $5,000 to Roy Castillo a Pinoy security researcher, for his find of a stored XSS bug in Gmail for iOS. Castillo is the same security researcher who ...

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Stolen SD card exposes personal data of 18,000 people in Canada

Five charged with credit card hacking, largest breach ever in US history

Region of Peel Canada announced breach of personal health information from its public health program of over 18,000 clients. “Despite having practices and protocols in place to protect the privacy of ...

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