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Hi, I am Jaymark a security consultant, interested in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

Anonymous Philippines strikes back on China ‪#‎OpStopReclamation

Anonymous Philippines hacked several Chinese websites for their ‪#‎OpStopReclamation.   According to their defacement page message: To the Government of China, stop the reclamation, do not put or establish any structure ...

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Twitch Hacked, user accounts compromised!

Amazon-owned website “Twitch”, that let users to livestream games as they play confirms that they had been compromised. According to the company’s blog, Twitch said in the post: “We are ...

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ISIS hackers posts “Kill List” with names, photos and addresses of 100 U.S Military servicemen, urges sympathizers to kill them.

Identified themselves as “Islamic State Hacking Division” (ISHD), ISIS leaked names, addresses, photos and other personal details of about a hundred military personnel in their “kill list”. According to published statement, “…We have ...

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