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A young boy who learnt many things from the cyberspace out of curiosity.

Facebook ends their bug bounty program

It’s been a while since Facebook started awarding people who report bugs and vulnerabilities on their platform. They already paid out about $1.3 million in 2014 only. Philippines was also ...

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Protecting Your Passwords

Here is a comprehensive guide regarding Password Security by Pixel Privacy. [ Not sponsored ] Passwords are like keys to your home online, having it stolen let’s anyone mess with ...

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Anonymous Philippines defaces government websites for Million Mask March 2014

This week, different Philippine Government websites was defaced and attacked by Anonymous Philippines to participate to the Worldwide Million Mask March event today (November 5) which also happened last year. ...

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PH gov’t will charge hackers who attacked Chinese websites

A group of hackers recently hacked info different Chinese websites to show their message against China’s bullying. On Tuesday, the Philippine government said that they will take action to the hackers who ...

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Facebook takes the page of Anonymous Philippines down

After the operation of Anonymous Philippines against China bullying, Facebook has taken down the official page of Anonymous Philippines and locked the administrator’s accounts. The reason for taking down was quite ...

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Anonymous Philippines attacks on #OpChinaDown operation

Different Chinese websites were hacked today by Anonymous Philippines on their operation#OpChinaDown against China bullying. They said in the defacement page: China’s alleged claim on maritime territories and oppressive poaching can no ...

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