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Gmail account hacked; hackers stole $15K!

Cybercriminals stole an amount of $15,000 from a bank account of  Dubai based expat. According to the report from Emirates24/7 (via EHackingNews), Anil Abraham’s cheque issued to a property developer, bounced ...

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Fake news on CNN blog, hacked!

A news blog by CNN political ticker entitled, “Anonymous Bitcoin operator Btc-e.com goes out of business” posted last Friday was actually a fake post and was manipulated by hackers, according ...

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Facebook bug hits 6 million of its users

An unexpected Facebook bug allegedly affected about 6 million users. The social network itself releases a report last Friday. According to them, they have detected a bug that displayed user’s ...

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Video sharing now enabled in Instagram

Facebook, who bought Instagram last year for almost 1 billion dollars, officially announced Thursday, at the press event in their headquarters in Menlo Park, that they added Video On Instagram ...

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Another spam post loitering in Facebook

“She went inclusively nuts and lost all control of the razor-sharp axe Well, Watch what happened..in..this..video:_:: [Tiny_URL]” This is the spam post message spreading lately. It has an image that ...

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Facebook and Microsoft revealed users to US authorities

According to reports, major internet companies, Facebook and Microsoft gives up information to the US authorities related to over 50 thousand customer accounts. From an announcement of the social media ...

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