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Clifford Trigo

I am Clifford Trigo a proud Boholano / Pinoy / Filipino Web App Security Researcher. Day by day, I'm learning new things :)) Visit my Hackerone Profile, currently at top 2 overall :D

NBC infected by Malware and unknowingly serving it to visitors for 24 hours

The latest hack of the popular NBC news proves that you can be infected by a Malware by just visiting a reputable website. A trojan “Citadel,” infected visitors of NBC.com, ...

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Apple: FB and Twitter, it is not just you! We were also hacked.

Shortly after Facebook and Twitter were breached, hackers targeted another large company – Apple. “Facebook was not alone in this attack.” “It is clear that others were attacked and infiltrated ...

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Famous hacker “Kevin Mitnick” hired by Ecuador to secure Election

For those people who do not remember Kevin Mitnick, he is the guy behind the hacking spree of personal computers and well-known corporations like  Apple, Motorola and even the FBI. This time he is ...

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Here is how to check someone’s prepaid balance Globe and TM

We already created an article about, finding out other people’s load balance here. Unfortunately, the code that I gave no longer works. Globe updated their “dial code” thing. It has ...

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Google, Yahoo, MSN in Malawi defaced by hackers

A Bangladeshi hacker with a username [email protected] took responsibility of a hacking incident of the most popular websites in Malawi. Google, Yahoo and MSN, all defaced, TheHackerNews reports. The hackers had successfully ...

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Globe’s press release: Illegal internet connection distributors arrested

In Cebu city, another entrapment was conducted by the Globe Security team and the Philippine National Police (PNP) . There were four illegal distributors of Globe Wimax modems arrested. A one-time ...

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