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Clifford Trigo

I am Clifford Trigo a proud Boholano / Pinoy / Filipino Web App Security Researcher. Day by day, I'm learning new things :)) Visit my Hackerone Profile, currently at top 2 overall :D

Activate God Mode in Windows 7

Activate God Mode in windows 7 and experience “”Windows Master Control””. This will enable you to  access various control settings in just one folder. Refer to the Image. To do this ...

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Post Blue Text in Facebook Status

This trick seems old but it is still working 😀 It is colored blue because facebook identify it as a link. Just copy and paste the code below. Do not ...

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What is your Nokia Phones Platform?

This article will help you identify  your nokia phone 😀 I have this list as a txt file in my Flash Drive. I am not the one who compile this ...

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Improve Facebook Security by Deleting Unnecessary Sessions

Most facebook users neglect the importance of facebook security. This post is a basic tutorial on how to clear and completely delete all active sessions. By the way, what are ...

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How to Secure your Facebook Account?

So guys Im here again, back from weeks of no updates.. Today, Im going to share you how to secure your facebook account against hackers . In this days, there ...

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Utilize Google Search to its Verge

Are you using google when searching? Trying hard to find for something accurately? This five minute article will probably blow your mind and say, what the heck! I don’t know ...

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