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Clifford Trigo

I am Clifford Trigo a proud Boholano / Pinoy / Filipino Web App Security Researcher. Day by day, I'm learning new things :)) Visit my Hackerone Profile, currently at top 2 overall :D

ATM Skimmer arrested, alleged member of PSG, PMA class 2008, Philippine Navy

A skimmer has been arrested by Makati police Friday night, caught on action while withdrawing money using a cloned ATM card around 11:30pm. The suspect is allegedly an active member ...

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Sunstar website hacked by Cyber_Taregh

A Facebook friend, Synd1c4te,  informed me that the two sub domains of Sunstar Publishing’s official website was defaced and hacked. The subdomains blogs.sunstar.com.ph and contest.sunstar.com.ph are listed in Zone-h’s ( ...

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Syrian Electronic Army hacked Forbes

The American business magazine by Forbes Inc. seemed to have been hacked by the hackers who are supporters of the Syrian president, Bashar Hafez al-Assad – Syrian Electronic Army. According to ...

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CSRF flaw in Instagram makes private profile set to public

As part of Facebook’s bug bounty program, an independent security researcher, Christian Lopez Martin tried to search for vulnerabilities in Instagram. Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service ...

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Using LOIC Man fined $110k in a DDOS attack

A St. Louis, Missouri man was fined a total of $110,932.71  (P4980878) for participating a Distributed Denial of service Attack(DDOS) using Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC.) 22 years old, Christopher Michael Sudlik ...

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NBI take over Anon Butuan Facebook Page

The page’s profile and cover photo are replaced to one with the NBI logo. It appears the Anonymous affiliated page “Anonymous Butuan” is now controlled by the National Bureau of ...

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