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Avast serbia website defaced by Dr.Sha6h!

Hackers are targeting websites of anti-virus softwares. Yesterday, the websites of ESET – NOD32 Pakistan has been defaced by anonghost.

This time, Avast has been targeted but not by the anonymous supporter hacking group anonghost.

Dr.Sha6h claims to responsible of the defacement. About half an hour ago, the homepage of Avast Serbia official website(www.avast.co.rs) is modified.

The defacement is a statement of disapproval of the continues killing of children and women being raped in Syria. According to the hacker, its 3 years in a row.

Avast serbia website defaced by Dr.Sha6h!

What to note here, the hacker asked sorry for penetrating the website.

“Very Sorry To Ppenetrate The Site.. ;(”

Until now, the defacement is still up.

Update: company’s representatives have told Eduard Kovacs that the avast.co.rs website does not belong to Avast Software.

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