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Avira, AVG, Whatsapp official websites defaced today.

Two popular anti virus firm in the world and a mobile message app were hit by a major cyber attack, homepages of its official websites were defaced.

Avira, AVG and Whatsapp (avira.com, avg.com and whatsapp.com respectively) homepages displayed the defacements made by “KDMS Team” a group of Palestinian hackers.

“We want to tell you that there is a land called Palestine on the earth. This land has been stolen by Zionist. Do you know it? Palestinian people has the right to live in peace. Deserve to liberate their land and release all prisoners from Israeli jails. We want peace. Long live Palestine,” deface message reads.

“There Is No Full Security. We Can Catch You! Hacked by KDMS team. Now We Will Quit Hacking,” another message reads.

Whats worth noting here, these 3 websites have the same domain registrar, Network Solutions LLC. Maybe, the hackers have compromised the registrar then modified the DNS set up of those affected websites to point on their own server.

Defacements are now fixed. We will update this post as soon as we are notified of new information.

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