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Bogus app pretends to be AdBlock Plus on Google Play

Instead of users being served like the legitimate AdBlock Plus which is getting rid of the advertisements, contrary of what mentioned did happened.

Users who installed the bogus application were introduced with more advertisements and the problems pertaining to privacy.

It is an adware, a security expert explained in a blog.

“HEUR:AdWare.AndroidOS.Starsys.b” he said as accordingly detected by the anti-virus software Kasperksy.

If installed successfully in your device, this malicious application can interact with your messages, bluetooth configuration, accesses all your contacts in agenda, reads archive logs and provides applications necessary access to the Internet.

Credit : securelist.com
Credit : securelist.com

By installing that adware, developers behind the app can also earn money – monetizing through RevMob an advertising network.

Currently, the app is already removed in the store.

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