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Britain recruits new computer experts to counter ‘cyber-attacks’

The defense secretary of Britain announced Sunday, they are working for a ‘cyber army’ to defend the country’s national security.

Hundreds of computer experts are needed in the program, aimed to protect key computer networks and safeguard data alongside the regular Joint cyber unit.

The cyber army would accordingly be able to counter-attack in cyber-space and, if necessary, to strike in cyber-space as part of our full-spectrum military capability.

Conservative Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said, “In response to the growing cyber threat, we are developing a full-spectrum military cyber capability, including a strike capability, to enhance the UK’s range of military capabilities.”

“The cyber reserves will be an essential part of ensuring we defend our national security in cyber-space. This is an exciting opportunity for Internet experts in industry to put their skills to good use for the nation, protecting our vital computer systems and capabilities,” Hammond added.

Source: South China Morning Post.

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