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Buggy Globe System allow Filipinos to browse the Internet for FREE

This is not a new issue. Even other networks suffer same problem Globe Telecommunication is facing now. The bug in their system allows users to register in surfing promos(ex. supersurf) without spending a single cent! 

Yes, I even tried, proving myself if it is really working. It was successful and I had free internet for a month. The “bug” is a hot topic in forum sites until these days. Who would not like a free internet anyway?

I will not post the details of the process and how it works. Globe may cease me in doing such. 😀  I will just post some short operations on how do they do it. Discovery Channel eh?

What they really do is, to send a sms promo code to 8888 and to dial a certain promo shortcut registration(depending on the promo code on sms), both should be done at the same time. The process is successful if you send the two request(text and dial) contemporaneously. As far as I know, it is the main trick in bugging.

The trick could be done on both, mobile and PC.  Just simple steps in some couple of minutes your sim is bugged and enables you to surf the net for free.

I can say that the company is fully aware of it. What I do not know is why there aren’t fixing it quick. Is it some form of marketing? I do not really know, I am not connected to Globe Telecommunications 😀 . How about you? What do you think? Are you a bugger ? or a trickster?

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