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California Employment Training Panel official website defaced!

A Filipino hacker comes in the scene, defacing a State of California sub-domain – California Employment Training Panel(etp.ca.gov.)

Introducing himself as “Shadow Haxor,” he defaced the home page of the website and a html file is uploaded with no much message in it but a simple “Defaced by shadow_haxor.”

As for the moment, the website still hosts the defacement.  A mirror link is also provided by the hacker as for ‘reference.’ In a short conversation with pinoyhacknews.com and the hacker, he revealed a security flaw lies in the website allowing him to execute a different way of web app penetration – Coldfusion hacking.

shadow_hax0r defaces californian state website

According to BlackHatLibrary, this kind of hacking leads to variety of attacks but mainly Local File Disclosure (LFD) and SQL injection.

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