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Cyber Crime

20 Year old Guy Expelled in School for Discovering “Slipshod Coding”

This unfortunate Canadian Student, 20, Ahmed Al-Khabaz, gets suspended from School because of discovering such software flaw. It exposes 250,000 personal details of students in Dawson College in Montreal. According to a ...

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DotCom’s new Website MEGA get DDosed!

This is a quick update, the newly launched website of Kim DotCom, Mega.co.nz  is taken down as of time of writing. The guy behind the attack is not defined yet. ...

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Database of Federation of Mutual France Website Leaked!

Hacker xl3gi0n continue to hack websites in part of Operation Leak and Operation Mali. Today, in Opleak 36, they exposed Federation of Mutual Federation database. As written in the leak, ...

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OpLeak 33: French Ministry of Defense Targeted

Xl3gi0n hackers is still in action and continue hacking. Operation Leak number 33, a long journey of leaking important data from the smallest to largest company and governmental website. “#opleak ...

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Buggy Globe System allow Filipinos to browse the Internet for FREE

This is not a new issue. Even other networks suffer same problem Globe Telecommunication is facing now. The bug in their system allows users to register in surfing promos(ex. supersurf) ...

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