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Anonymous Philippines attacks on #OpChinaDown operation

Different Chinese websites were hacked today by Anonymous Philippines on their operation#OpChinaDown against China bullying. They said in the defacement page: China’s alleged claim on maritime territories and oppressive poaching can no ...

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Greenwich, manginasal, jollibee, chowking, meet Mcdo: hacker

A local hacker was poking around the site of food chains, greenwich, manginasal, jollibee, and chowking. The hacker who introduced himself as Nefarious managed to intrude the official sites of mentioned food chains ...

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Chinese hackers break into the websites of Philippine Universities

The websites of University of San Carlos and Adamson University was recently attacked by a group of Chinese hackers. It was clearly stated that it about the dispute of the two ...

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Filipino hacker breaks into the ABS-CBN website

A hacker with a handle “Khalifax” hacks into one of the ABS-CBN.com subdomain ‘starcinemamovies.abs-cbn.com’. Khalifax did not state the reason of hacking, but left a page on the site that ...

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Special defacement for a special day

Today marks the 1st anniversary of this(pinoyhacknews.com) secu-blog. An alleged “PRO HAXXOR” who identifies himself as “Jhon Paulito Manaloto” A.K.A “p0g1n6 |-|4xx0r 1337”, referred to as JPmanaloto,  have gained access ...

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Anonymous PH defies CCL; hacks more websites

A black page and a familiar logo welcomed the visitors of several Philippine government websites as Anonymous Philippines raised their voices against the controversial R.A. 10175 or most commonly known as the ...

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