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Pre Hacker defaces the website of Global Pinoy Remittance

Update: www.globalpinoytravel.com is hacked by the same hacker with the same deface page. Official website of Global Pinoy Remittance Service (GPRS) is defaced by a local hacker with online handle pr3.h4ck3r, read ...

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Official Microsoft Malaysia website hacked

Update: Official websites of Dell, Skype, Kaspersky, MSN, and Bing are also hacked. The official website of Microsoft Malaysia is defaced, seemed to be hit by a DNS poisoning attack. ...

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Pinoy Vendetta attacked Hongkong cyber infrastractures

The local hacking crew Pinoy Vendetta sets up a fire in cyber world against Hongkong websites following a clip  published about a Filipino beaten by Hongkong officials online. There were ...

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Several high-profile websites in Uganda, hacked

In a report by The Hackers Media, several high profile websites are hacked by a hacker with an online handle “r00x.” Though its not confirm, the problem could be trace ...

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Once more Hitman defaces the government website of Cagayan De Oro

The official website of the government of Cagayan De Oro is hacked once again along with other 2 websites in Cagayan. Those websites display the same message, urging the local ...

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FAMI website is defaced once again.

Update: Just now, the website is up again. The website of First Metro Asset Management Inc. (www.fami.com.ph) is defaced once again by a Bangladeshi hacker. As of the moment, the FAMI ...

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