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University of La Salette, Philippines messed up by kazuke.

 The University of La Salette is a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning situated in Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines. It is one of the top performing universities in the region. ...

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1 partylist and 4 government PH websites defaced, a message to the administration

Hackers are urging the Philippine Government to take action in the complaints of OFWs in Taiwan. Four Government websites and one website of a partylist are hacked by the attack. The ...

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Pinoy Vendetta sends warning message to Taiwan, defaces 5 websites

Update: http://www.signlanguage.ccu.edu.tw/ssshhh.html by Shadowhaxor  Pinoy Vendetta, the local version of international hacking group V for “Vendetta” sends warning to Taiwan. That is shortly after the keyboard warriors of Taiwan rage electronic ...

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JokerCracker greets happy Mother’s Day by defacing 700 websites

A smaller number compared to his last defacement of more than two thousand websites. JokerCracker managed to deface more than 700 websites and majority of those are having domain name ...

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Office of the President Optical Media Board website gets notified

The web security of the president optical media board website does not appear to be receiving patch. Recorded in Zone-H is the same website being notified by “privateX” last year. ...

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A hacker defaced 2000 websites for his birthday

A hacker with online handle JokerCracker finds a new way in celebrating his birthday.  His party is brought to cyberworld, defacing more than 2 thousand of websites from around the world. ...

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