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A clever cyber attack against CPP-NPA-NDF and Joma Sison

At around 3PM today, December 26 2018 – we received an anonymous message that claims a defacement in the official website of communist coalition of the Communist Party of the ...

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Hacker leaks private mobile number of Sen. De Lima, traces her location

The hacktivist and vocal supporter of Anonymous Philippines, #pr.is0n3r leaks the alleged private mobile number of Senator Leila De Lima Friday evening. The hacker also alleged that the Senator is in ...

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Pinoys Place First in DEFCON 24 Capture The Packet Competition

DuterTeam, a team consisting of two Filipino information security professionals, won the country’s first DEFCON Capture The Packet title last August 7. What exactly is DEFCON? For starters, it is ...

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ROOTCON 10 – A Hacker Conference in the Philippines You Shouldn’t Miss

ROOTCON is the largest and premier Information Security Conference and Hacker gathering in the Philippines. The group behind ROOTCON started operations on December 27, 2008. It was then registered as ...

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Security questions don’t necessarily live up to their name

What’s your password? This may yet be the most mind-boggling and direct security question if it ever became one. In a recent study published by Google, it has shown that ...

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U. Cambridge: Factory reset on Android doesn’t delete all data

Just upgraded to a new phone? You might want to hold on to your old device for a bit longer, especially if it’s on Android.   Researchers at the University ...

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