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Facebook bug bounty program paid out more than $1m.

The largest social networking site, Facebook revealed August 3,  that its bug bounty program turned out to be successful since launched 2 years ago. More than $1 million is accordingly ...

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FBI goes hacker mode when spying on suspects

 Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported that FBI is using tactics used by computer hackers to spy on suspects. According to court documents and interviews with people associated with the ...

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NSA’s tool, XKeyscore see almost everything internet users do

The United States’ National Security Agency has a specialized tool that can see almost everything a user does in the internet, that’s according to new reports by theGuardian. The program ...

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Syrian Electronic Army warns Twitter, gained back account

The Syrian Electronic Army is getting real notorious as the hacking crew continues to hijack accounts of high level media. Just yesterday, we reported that one of Reuters account is hacked ...

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Twitter account @ThomsonReuters hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army is targeting high level media organizations this past few months like Telegraph, BBC and et cetera. Earlier today, the twitter account @thomsonreuters has been hijacked by Syrian ...

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Istanbul airport allegedly hit by hacking attack

The authorities in Istanbul, Turkey said on Friday, dozen of flight delays may be because of cyber attacks. Passport control system in Istanbul Ataturk  international airport departure terminal and another ...

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