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Are Anonymous Guidelines fading?

Then and Now. This is to no offense what so ever to hackers, pen-tester, or anonymous collective self-members anywhere. I would just like to point out a fact that all ...

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Microsoft fixes critical security flaws in IE and RDC

Nine security updates has been released by Microsoft in which two of those were critical. The updates are addressed to Windows, Internet Explorer and other products of Microsoft. The first ...

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Elites of Symbianize form a hacking forum, SymbianizeHacker.net

If you are  familiar with symbianize.com, the home of the great netizens in Philippines, you should have already know that the “elite guys” from it build their own hacking forum. ...

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Famous hacker “Kevin Mitnick” hired by Ecuador to secure Election

For those people who do not remember Kevin Mitnick, he is the guy behind the hacking spree of personal computers and well-known corporations like  Apple, Motorola and even the FBI. This time he is ...

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Kim DotCom Promises 500000 PHP to the guy who can breaks Mega’s Encryption

The founder of Megaupload, now changed to MEGA promised to give 500k Pesos(€10,000, $13,600) to someone who can break and bypass the websites file encryption. The encryption of file is ...

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