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Stolen SD card exposes personal data of 18,000 people in Canada

Five charged with credit card hacking, largest breach ever in US history

Region of Peel Canada announced breach of personal health information from its public health program of over 18,000 clients. “Despite having practices and protocols in place to protect the privacy of ...

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Microsoft rewarded $100,000 to an Australian white hat hacker

A hacker from Australia, James Forshaw, reported a serious flaw in Microsoft’s windows. It was accordingly eligible to the company’s bug bounty program “Mitigation Bypass.” Because his entry of the ...

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Researchers take $28k ‘first blood’ on Microsoft’s bug bounty program

More than 28,000 USD actually is being paid by Microsoft to security researchers who participated in its first ever bug bounty program. It was the Internet Explorer 11 bug bounty ...

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Google executive: Android is more secure than the iPhone

Eric Schmidt, Executive of the American multinational corporation Google has stated on Monday, Android is more secure than iPhone. Analyst of Gartner, David Willis, said to Schmidt in a 45-minute question-and-answer session ...

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Paunch arrested? Changes are accordingly noticeable

Paunch is the infamous author of “BlackHole” exploit kit, a hacker tool for browser-based exploits (Oracle’s Java, Adobe’s Flash and other softwares) from malicious and or compromised websites. Report by ...

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Japan: We need 80,000 hackers to deal with cyberwarfare

Japan is promoting programs relating to information security as the country is in need of 80,000 hackers to deal with cyberwarfare. Last August, a 5-day security camp was accordingly conducted ...

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