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Interesting way of Indian High Commission in London to prevent being spied

To protect the Indian High Commission in London’s sensitive information being spied, it has gone back to old school method – using typewriter. Indian Commissioner to London, Jamini Bhagwati said, using ...

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The security risk of lost Yahoo ID and now being recycled.

You must be cautious enough if you lost your Yahoo ID then someone did fall in line to have it recycled. Reports said, there are users who claimed and got ...

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NSA accused of spying on Indian nuclear system, space programs and politics

According to documents leaked by whistle blower, Edward Snowden that was also seen by TheHindu, the NSA has been into deeper surveillance of India’s facilities. PRISM documents revealed the National ...

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Secure your android device, lock it remotely when lost or stolen

You should be worrying no more in case you got your phone lost, and or some best pick pocketers took it from you. Google’s Android device manager which has already ...

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New York Police Department asked citizens to update iPads, iPhones to iOS7.

The news that was first posted in HackRead ( appears to be down for now ) got attention of quite number of users. New York Police Department as reported by ...

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Heard of iPhone 5s touch ID fingerprinting? It now has bug bounty.

There is already a bounty offered(over $16,000) to the first person who can hack iPhone 5s touch ID fingerprint sensor. Security experts created a website dedicated for the bounty program, IsTouchIDhackedyet.com, ...

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