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Hacker leaks private mobile number of Sen. De Lima, traces her location

The hacktivist and vocal supporter of Anonymous Philippines, #pr.is0n3r leaks the alleged private mobile number of Senator Leila De Lima Friday evening. The hacker also alleged that the Senator is in ...

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Security questions don’t necessarily live up to their name

What’s your password? This may yet be the most mind-boggling and direct security question if it ever became one. In a recent study published by Google, it has shown that ...

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Pinoy Hack News 2nd Anniversary

To our beloved readers, March 22 2013, that was 2 years ago – I launched PHN from scratch – it had no audience. Currently, we have more than 7k likes ...

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Kid, 11, killed by friend, 16, for alleged FB account hacking

 Michael Jericho Surio, a 11-year old kid from Malolos Bulacan was killed by his teen age friend. Based on Police report, the unnamed 16-year old suspect  stabbed Surio 46 times. ...

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How to troll the FBI by Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick, one of the most popular ethical hacker in the world has gone interview with Big Think. He was the most wanted cyber criminals in the United States during ...

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Discussion: NBI nabbed Anonymous hacker

Few days ago, a guy named Rodel Plasabas was arrested by NBI Cyber Crime Division agents in Butuan City. Plasabas was suspected by the NBI to be the ‘leader’ of ...

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